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    L2 vlan trunking in n-vds

    AlbertColl Lurker

      I’m planning a migration strategy to NSX-T for an existing VMware vSphere. The VSS of the ESXi hosts perform tagging of multiple VLANs before exiting traffic to the external TOR switches.


      Is it possible to migrate these VSS to N-VDS while keeping the same vlan tagging functionallity at each ESXi host?



      As far as I read in the existing doc, I guess it is possible but I would really appreciate any confirmation. The reason of doing that is to perform a very first migration step with minimal disruption prior to face the other steps, like start enabling VDR's for east-west routing, enabling the Edge Cluster for south-north communications, services, etc.

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          mauricioamorim Expert
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          Yes, this is a supported scenario. When you setup your Transport Nodes include a VLAN type Transport Zone in addition to the Overlay TZ using the same N-VDS. Then you have to create on Logical Switch (or segment) for each VLAN you have in the VLAN TZ and specifying the VLAN number. Then you change the VMs PortGroup to this Logical Switch.

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            RaymundoEC Hot Shot
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            I would suggest getting a time window for the migration first, then nvds can "be" with the vds so for the communications be sure to tested all the uplinks and VIFs, for the migration os the dVPort Groups to the LS just make sure everything is ok from the physical network MTU etc., and Finally if you don't feel very comfortable with nvds or the team that is going to operate  then just leave if that is the case with the overlay networking in the nvds after some time move everything to this.

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              AlbertColl Lurker

              Thanks so much for your inputs.