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    Guest Ubuntu upgrade causes display issue: can't log in

    pchapin Lurker



      I'm using VMware Workstation Pro 15.1.0 running on a 64-bit Windows host. My guest system is Ubuntu Linux 18.04. Everything has been fine until this evening when I applied OS updates in the Guest. The collection of updates included, among other things, a new kernel. Now when I start my guest, it boots normally but the splash screen where I normally log in is blank (it's basically black).


      I am able to SSH to the guest normally. Doing that, I reinstalled VMware Tools and restarted both the VMware Workstation program and the guest. This did not change my issue.


      It appears to me that there is some sort of change in the way the display is being handled, but I'm not sure what to do next to address the matter. I'm very open to suggestions.