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    Proactive HA and HPE Oneview for vCenter Configuration not working

    MJMSRI Novice



      I am looking to enable Proactive HA. As we have HPE Hardware, new DL380 Gen10, i have downloaded the free HPE One View for vCenter 9.3 and deployed this into the cluster. Further information below:


      • Entire infrastructure is new, DL380 Gen10, vCenter 6.7u1, ESXi 6.7u1 and vSAN enabled with 6.7u1.
      • Hosts are all identical with firmware and drivers
      • All hosts installed with HPE customized ESXi 6.7u1 image
      • Checked and verified that all hosts have the latest Offline HPE bundle installed.
      • Deployed HPE ov4vc 9.3 into cluster, registered vCenter and connected successfully.
      • Verified in H5 and Flash Client that the HPE OV plugin installed and in good health
      • Setup iLO and ESXi credentials in oneview 4 vcenter so it has access to these.
      • Hosts have iLO advanced applied.


      After all of this there are new tabs in vCenter under monitor and configure for HPE server hardware however no data is being recieved on any of the tabs. I have restarted the hosts, vCenter and ov4vc appliance aswell as selected "Refresh" on vCenter in ov4vc console. ov4vc, hosts and vcenter all on same subnet and VLAN so no issues with ports, routing etc.


      I have right clicked the cluster to enable Proactive HA and can enable however no providers appear under the providers section. HPE Should appear there.


      Any ideas?

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          MJMSRI Novice

          I have created a new test cluster in vCenter and just enabled DRS initially, once created i then enabled HA then enabled Proactive HA and under the Providers tab the HPE Provider was listed and i have been able to select this.


          So on a new cluster with no hosts, the provider appears. So this indicates a host issue/incompatibility.


          As vSAN is enabled, its not an easy task to simply move the hosts from the current cluster to new cluster and even if i did the feature may then disable due to hosts being added which could bring over the incompatibility if it exists.

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            Kraljo Lurker

            Hi,  I have been struggling with the same problem. All hosts HPE Proliant DL380 Gen 10, HPE OneView and OneView for VC, but no proactive HA in the cluster as there is no provider to select.


            So i tested your suggestion. Removed one ESXi host from my production cluster.  New test empty cluster with DRS and HA enabled. HP Provider appears and can be selected for Proactive HA.


            I am now unable to add a host in the new test cluster with Proactive HA enabled. The error message:

            Error stack:

            Host is not monitored by the following health update providers registered for this cluster: HPE OneView for vCenter


            > Disable Proactive HA and the host can be added in the cluster.


            Now with the host inside the cluster no Proactive HA provider .  It seems the HW is not compatible with this feature or we are missing some configuration in the HP OneView?!?


            HPE says : https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-a00040386en_us&docLocale=en_US