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    vCenter 5.5 (Win) to 6.5 (VCSA) migration error "failed to publish trusted certificate"

    dgs23 Lurker

      Hi all,


      Currently attempting a migration from a Windows based vCenter 5.5 (update 3k) to a 6.5 U2 appliance. The migration is failing at "starting vmware authentication framework" & displays the error "Error: Failed to publish trusted certificate".


      I'm struggling to find any KB articles on VMware about this particular error - I've looked through the support bundle logs & found a couple of errors e.g:

      vmcad-syslog.log - "failed to update root certs due to error"

      fbStatusInt.json - "install.vmafd.publish_cert_failed"


      The windows vCenter is using the default self-signed certificate & hasn't expired. Both rui.crt & cacert.pem files are present on the windows vcenter & they check out ok when using openssl to verify.


      I'm a little stuck as to what may be causing this - I've got a support ticket open with VMware at the moment, but in the meantime wondered if anyone else had come across a similar issue?


      Any advice appreciated!