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    vRO workflow to add NSX Edge Firewall rules

    johnnyadavis02 Lurker

      I need an automated means to add rules to an NSX Edge devices that is automatically provisioned when a user requests a vRA catalog item containing an on-demand NAT network.  


      Does any out of the box vRO workflows exist that can add a rule to an NSX Edge?  (For clarity, I do NOT want to add a rule to the distributed firewall, I want to add a rule to a specific NSX Edge)


      Alternatively, can you point me to a script that I can use in a custom vRO workflow?



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          daphnissov Guru
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          No, that's going to be something you have to code up yourself. TMK, there are no OOTB workflows published in the NSX plug-in that'll do that. And once you have written it yourself, you'll have to either create a day2 action and publish that separately or use XaaS in your composite blueprint if you want them pushed on day1 provisioning and machine building.