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    VMware Horizon - Black Screen issue on Windows 10 Reconnect

    ManxBoydy Lurker

      We are experiencing a really odd issue in VMware Horizon 7.4 and Windows 10.


      Our Horizon infrastructure is on VMware Horizon 7.4

      Client agents are on 7.6 (due to issues with Persona not working correctly with 7.4)

      Client OS: Windows 10 1803


      We are not running app volumes


      Order of events:


      1. User logs on via PCOIP and connects to workstation fine.

      2. User disconnects and reconnects at another time and they are faced with a black screen (intermittent)

      3. Session is completed unusable and unable to logout.


      Checking vCenter, the CPU and the VM looks to be pinned however after logging on to the VM using the local admin account (took 90 mins to login, the CPU is not pinned.


      I've raised a case with VMware who stated that we should put in a task to logout the workstation completely at the end of the day which is not really an acceptable answer.  Thankfully, we are in pilot at the moment but this issue is starting to annoy me.


      Does it matter too much if I run 7.6 agent on the workstation and 7.4 on the Horizon server components?


      I've removed the agent and tools and installed them in the correct order.  Now I've just ran out of ideas.