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    SQL Plug-in inventory issue

    xian Hot Shot

      We have a development environment with an MS-SQL server. This server has been added to vRO with the 'Add a database' flow.

      Later this SQL sever was shut down. Now the SQL plugin inventory is empty. After the SQL server was started again and vRO inventory refreshed, the SQL plugin inventory remained empty.


      We re-added the server and appeared 2 times now.

      We have another vRO instance with the same problem: I wonder what to do to force refresh the inventory (tried to restart the client as well) without re-adding the same DB.


      The SQL configuration resource file looks good, containing the data of the DB server.

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          iiliev Champion
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          You haven't mentioned it, so I assume the vRO server hasn't been restarted after the SQL server went off and the on again? This should fix the issue, although it is probably not a viable option to restart vRO every time the SQL plug-in encounters connectivity issue with the database.


          It is hard to say what exactly is happening without looking at the code of the plug-in, but it sounds like some runtime connection object goes into a bad state when the SQL server becomes unavailable, and doesn't try to recover when the connectivity is restored.


          If this is an option for you, I'd suggest to open a support request about this issue,

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            xian Hot Shot

            Yes, just restarted the (embedded) vRO and that fixed the issue.


            The relevant log entries were:

            2019-06-18 11:08:49.501+0000 [http-nio-] INFO  {} [DatabaseManager] DatabaseManager created.

            2019-06-18 11:08:52.625+0000 [http-nio-] WARN  {} [DataBaseConfigPersister] Databse not loaded f979caea-2c40-4bd5-991e-d49654b94539

            com.vmware.o11n.plugin.database.DatabaseException: java.sql.SQLException: Network error IOException: No route to host (Host unreachable)

                    at com.vmware.o11n.plugin.database.jdbc.DatabaseConnectionFactory.getConnection(DatabaseConnectionFactory.java:63)

                    at com.vmware.o11n.plugin.database.jdbc.DBStatementExecutor.call(DBStatementExecutor.java:49)

                    at com.vmware.o11n.plugin.database.jdbc.TableDAOImpl.setTableColumns(TableDAOImpl.java:31)

                    at com.vmware.o11n.plugin.database.Database.addTables(Database.java:179)


            After that I can see only messages like but nothing else:

            2019-06-18 11:09:15.644+0000 [http-nio-] INFO  {} [DatabaseManager] DatabaseManager created.


            I'd expect the plugin to recover from this error so I plan to request support on this.