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    How to find IP and Host were VM had deployed for the destroyed VM after provisioning failed

    Ravindra01 Novice

      Hi All,


           Recently we had one provisioning requests failed in guest customization phase and VM has been deleted as we set " Do Delete" option in IAAS server.


           Based on the past experiences, we know most of the times guest customization fails because IP issue. When I check the network profile , I see IP has been released back to pool as unassigned status. To investigate further , I want know which IP was allocated to the VM which failed during the guest customization. We cannot check guest agent logs , as the VM already deleted. Is there any way or place where we can find this ?


         One more thing we are suspecting failure could be because of resources utilization of the host where  the vm had placed. How to find , on which host vm was deployed.


      Thanks in Advance !