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    No mouse click with VMware Player on Windows host.

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      I am using VMware-player-15.1.0-13591040 on Windows 10 host to install Ubuntu Linux 19_04.  I have no LEFT mouse click during and after installation. I had to painfully use  “tab” to get to the right “field” to do the install. The mouse pointer moved and focused correctly in the virtual machine, but left mouse click did nothing.  I have tried older versions (14.X, 13.X) of player and numerous Linux distros,  all had the same problem.  The same problem occurred with wireless or wired USB mouse, Bluetooth mouse, and built-in touch pad mouse.


      I read many posting in numerous forums about uninstall and reinstall vmware tools to solve similar problems.  I managed to reinstall vmware tools one time using “tab” and the same no Left mouse click problem still there.  However, everything work fine with VMWare Workstation version.


      Thank you for your help.