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    How to "re-initialize" NSX-T 2.4.1 Manager host install status?

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      Hi all -


      Been working with a dev environment that has both physical hosts and some nested ones I have been testing with.  I have had some issues with NSX-T not installing and so I've had to remove it from the hosts, etc.  However, it seems that during the "getting started" prompt or in the Fabric -> Nodes section it just says "NSX Installation Failed" and there is no way to clear it.  I even have some instances where I rebuilt some nested ESXi hosts (same FQDN, though) and they have NO NSX-T components on them at all, yet NSX-T manager has stale data stating "NSX Installation Failed".


      Anyway to kick the NSX-T manager/appliance(s) over and have them re-assess the inventory and install states?