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    Howto: store OST and Search on Writable Volume without pollution

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      My goal was to make use of a Writable Volume to store the OST files and search database. No other data should be stored on the Writable Volume to keep it clean and as small as possible. Users don't have administrator rights, but still the Writable Volume was polluted with onwanted data.


      To achieve this i made use of UEM v9.7 next to App Volumes 2.16 and Windows 10 v1809.

      I made the following changes to the snapvol.cfg file.


      - To make sure no file changes are stored on the Writable Volume i commented out the following line using a #



      - To make sure no registry changes are stored on the Writable Volume i deleted everything within # REGISTRY


      Last thing is did was enable the "OST to Writable" setting within UEM. This was the only setting needed for all this to work. The OST and Search now automagically gets created on the writable volume without any other garbage. The aforementioned settings within the snapvol.cfg file are not necessary for this to work, i guess that the filter driver handles this seperately from the snapvol.cfg file.


      Using default settings the OST is written to: "C:\SnapVolumesTemp\writable\UEM\OST"

      And the search database is written to: "C:\SnapVolumesTemp\writable\persistent\Search"


      For us the result is that our writable volumes are 100% clean, as small as possible and only used to store the data we want.