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    Vcheck script

    brend26 Hot Shot

      Hello Experts!!!


      I am using vROPs in my environment and scheduled a vCheck to run on every day for fetch VC health.


      The script fetch the entire data and provide the HTML file.


      I am looking for a script which will export the output in .csv format.


      If anyone have the script handy please share.



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          LucD Guru
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          Not that I know of.

          Since the complete script is built around creating a HTML report, it might be quite a bit of work to adapt it.

          On the other hand, and after a quick look, all plugin result are collected in a variable $PluginResult (around line 970).
          You might be able to add an additional export there.

          But watch out, the results of the plugins are not always in the same layout (more or less properties for example).

          So you might have to export the results of each plugin to a separate CSV.