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    Migrate vRO to 7.6 but preserve IP/Hostname

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      We just migrated from vRO 7.4 to 7.6 but did it a bit different as in the Documenation (Migrate an External vRealize Orchestrator Appliance 6.x and Later to vRealize Orchestrator 7.6):


      - Rename the old Appliance in vCenter

      - Take a Snapshot of the Appliance (always a good idea)

      - Deploy new 7.6 Appliance with the same Name and IP Settings but do not power it on.

      - Stop the source Orchestrator services:

           service vco-server stop

           service vco-configurator stop

      - Add the line "listen_addresses ='*'" to /var/vmware/vpostgres/current/pgdata/postgresql.conf

      - Add the line "host all all md5" to /var/vmware/vpostgres/current/pgdata/pg_hba.conf

      - Add a new temporary IP to eth0 (on the same network/vlan). For Example:

           ip addr add dev eth0

      - Close the SSH Session and login to temporary IP

      - Remove the old IP from eth0. For Example:

           ip addr remove dev eth0

      - Restart the vPostgrsql:

           service vpostgres restart

      - Start the new deployed Appliance

      - Go the "Migrate" Tab an the VAMI of the new Appliance and instead of the Host name of the Source Orchestrator Appliance use the temporary IP

      - Wait until the the wizard has completed.

      - Shutdown the old Appliance and never power it on again

      - Do the Post Migration Steps

      - Done

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