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    Starting Locally Installed MS-EXCEL 2016 from within Thinapp package crashed application

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      We are running a Thinapp packaged application which can open an Excel sheet from a database.

      Application then starts the locally installed Excel 2016 and then crashes with the following error:



      Have Tried:

      I can also build the package with local applications running outside the virtual environment

      For this I use the ChildProcessEnvironmentDefault=External

      Then Excel will start WITHOUT the error but is then unable to find the Excel-sheet which is contained in the virtual environment



      At our company we are in de process of migrating to a Windows 10 environment.

      Specifications are:


      - VDI Desktop running Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 64-bit

      - Locally installed MS Office 2016

      - Applications are packaged on Windows 10 system using Thinapp 5.2.5



      Is there a way to grant Excel access to the virtual environment to open the file WHILE RUNNING IT OUTSIDE THE VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT?


      Or, preferably, the solution to the error.


      General Remark:

      Ever since we have been working on our migration to Windows 10, the number of applications which are giving us problems when using Thinapp has exploded.

      Is VMWare still actively developing Thinapp for current platforms (eg: Windows 10). We have a VMWare environment with 6000+ users and 500+ applications and Thinapp has always been our virtualisation tool but now questions are arising if it would not be wiser to switch to an alternative (i.e. App-V).