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    vcenter change in horizon view

    shabaazmohammad Lurker

      we are building horizon view 7.8  in vmware environment for example we will connect the composer server to vcenter01, later we will have new vmware environment then we will migrate the all horizon server to new vmware environment where our vcenter server will change from vcenter01 to vcenter02.


      how we can achieve this please advice

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          vJoeG Hot Shot
          VMware Employees

          You can have more than one vCenter in your Horizon 7.8 environment but I'm curious what you mean by Migrate.


          Do you intend to move the Linked clone (composer) pools from vcenter01 over to vcenter02? Are they going to be floating pools with no persistent disks?


          There are a number of questions and variables that can come up.


          But the quick answer is yes you can add the new vcenter02 when you're ready and start building pools, VM's there.

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            shabaazmohammad Lurker

            Hi Joe,


            what i mean to ask is, as of now we will use the vcenter01 which is running on vxrail hardware for building the horizon view and later we will not use the vcenter01 instead we will be using vcenter02 which will be built on nutanix hardware.


            which is best way to do building horizon view, once the new vcenter02 is ready or we can build on vcenter01? why because to avoid delay we are planing to build the horizon view with vcenter01 which will be on vxrail and later we are planing to migrate the horizon view server to nutanix vmware environment.


            in this case our vcenter will change, if we change the vcenter we have redeploy again?


            Thanks and Regards,



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              vJoeG Hot Shot
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              I understand, and thanks for the clarification.


              Will the Nutanix and VxRail systems all be on the same internal network?


              My thought would be to build out the Horizon environment on VxRail (connection servers, composer) and deploy some pools there through vCenter01


              Then when the Nutanix is online build out additional Connection servers there (at least one) and then you can add the new vcenter02 into the environment. You could build a new composer server there as well or do a vMotion to bring composer over to the new vCenter along with the connection servers.


              Then edit the pools or make new ones pointing to the new vCenter and compose.


              Hope that helps.

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                Jamit2006 Novice

                Just to clarify some details. You are only migrating the Horizon Servers from vCenter01 to vCenter02? You are not migrating Horizon provisioned Virtual Machines (Horizon Guests) between vCenters?

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                  mchadwick19 Enthusiast

                  You wouldn't be able to. Clones in a Horizon environment belong to a single vCenter. You can,however, migrate/clone your master image to your new vCenter and provision new pools there. If you are using manual pools anywhere, it will require unregistering/reregistering the agent in View.


                  Keep in mind, composer is a 1:1 relationship with vCenter. If you need to migrate composer to a separate vCenter, you need to remove the composer ties from the previous vCenter and add it to your new one. Or better yet, once the Nutanix hardware is up build one connection server, as @vJoeG mentioned, as well as a dedicated composer server for the new hardware. You can use the same DB server, just not the same DB.