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    Installing new ESXi 6.7 server

    sandroalvesbrasil Novice



      we are going to migrate new servers to version 6.7 and we are currently in version 5.5.


      We do not need to make sure the servers are on, so we can do the new 6.7 installation without having to save the 5.5 configurations.


      The VMs are on a LUN (FC Storage), so we want to do this:


      PS: We have already checked the compatibility of HW.


      1 - Do a new installation of 6.7;

      2 - Being a LUN (FC Storage) we only need to perform a rescan and the volumes will appear, since the storage is already zoning to the WBA of the HBA;

      3 - Configuring the standard networks;

      4 - Disconnect the VMs that are connected on other 5.5 hosts;

      5 - Inventory the VMs (.vmx) on the new 6.7 server;

      6 - Turn on the VMs.

      7 - Connect to VCSA 6.7


      Be happy.


      It works?


      Thank you.

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          sandroalvesbrasil Novice



          Sounds ok, but I'd actually setup the new vCenter after step2 or 3. This will allow you to configure the new environment (e.g. HA, DRS, EVC, ...) prior to inventory, and power on the VMs on the new hosts.

          A quick note about step 2: In addition to the proper zoning, you will also need to present the LUNs to the new hosts from the storage side.





          Stop! This is a problem! Why do we have to do this?


          Rather, I want to thank you for your practical observation and similar experience.


          WWN is already set up in storage and done zonning.


          Not a new server, it already exists and is in use with version 5.5


          Does it work the same as an iSCSI connection? That is, when installing the new 6.7, the IQN is changed?


          I imagine that being an FC connection, similar to SAS, we would not need to do any kind of storage intervention.


          So if what you say is true, opt for the migration from 5.5 to 6.5 and then to 6.7, I avoid that kind of problem, right?


          Thank you.