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    vSAN Streched Cluster : Full site maintenance planned

    mfleurisson Novice



      We have several vsan streched cluster (6.5u2 & 6.7u2) for which we plan a full site maintenance and I would have liked to have your opinion on the modus operandi that we plan to apply :

      • check backups
      • check vsan health
      • confirmed that all VMs were compliant to our storage policy
      • eventually set the clom repair delay to a higher value
      • change the preferred site (fault domain) to the one that will remain UP
      • disable HA & change drs to manual or partially auto
      • vMotion all VMs to remaining site
      • place all hosts on the site that will shutdown in maintenance mode using "ensure accessibility"
      • shutdown hosts


      Does that seem right ?


      I especially have a doubt about the maintenance mode to use, ensure accessibility or no data migration ?


      Thank you