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    RVC rebalance_info script with a custom variance parameter

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      Is it possible to run the vsan.proactive_rebalance_info script with custom parameters say a different variance threshold. All I am trying to do is get a summary (similar to what it already displays) of what will be moved w/o actually moving it but using a more aggressive variance threshold, say 5 or 10%.


      The script Help doesn't show any options, perhaps there is another way/script for seeing this info.


      clusterPath> vsan.proactive_rebalance_info --help

      usage: proactive_rebalance_info cluster

      Retrieve proactive rebalance status for vSAN

        cluster: Path to ClusterComputeResource

        -h, --help    Show this message



      Thanks in advance.

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          No, as it is basing it on the current default parameters (there might be ways of altering the RVC scripts themselves but unless you are a 100% confident in what you are doing and potential implications I wouldn't advise this).

          If you have plenty of available capacity (just to be super safe I would gist 60-70%) you could consider setting lower -v and start, check info then stop - it should mark as transient anything that has been allocated and then cancelled to move. Any large moves are going to be to disks with relatively large free space anyway so I can't see big risk in the above (but of course test in lower priority clusters first).



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