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    VMWare player or VMWare Workstation Player

    BEHTERA Novice

      I am currently running the free download VMware Player V6.0.7 on a Dell laptop which has an O/S - Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. I am in the process of
      upgrading to a new Dell Inspiron laptop. So, I'll need to download the free VMWare Player again. However I can not locate it.
      I have found a free download for VMWare Workstation Player 15. A version for Windows and one for Linux.


      Q1. FOR A FREE DOWNLOAD,  Is VMWare Workstation Player now the replacement for VMWare Player ?

      Q2. Dumb as this question  may appear, since my O/S is Windows 10 Pro I assume I need to download the Windows version
          of this product if in fact this is the replacement for VMWare Player , correct ?


      many thanks Brian