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    add server

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      Author : jacquiew

      URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Horizon-HTML-Access/5.0/html-access-user/GUID-20F0C9F6-7DE9-4D3D-8095-391C9F795F54.html

      Topic Name : VMware Horizon HTML Access User Guide

      Publication Name : VMware Horizon HTML Access User Guide

      Product/Version : VMware Horizon HTML Access/5.0

      Question :

      how do I add server to access  remote desktop

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          To use HTML access on your workstation you just open a browser (Chrome, Firefix, IE, Safari) and you enter the server information in the URL


          eg (https://yourconnectionserver.yourcompany.com)


          You'll get a window similar to this



          Click on the 'VMware Horizon HTML Access' and you can then login with your credentials. From there any Desktops or Applications you are entitled to will appear and you can select them.


          Hope this helps