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    2 new VC_FAULT_FATAL scenarios after an upgrade to 7.8

    MrCheesecake Novice

      Good morning!

      We recently upgraded from 7.6 to 7.8 (Running vCenter 6.7U2a w/ vSAN) and are seeing two different and intermittent provisioning errors:


      VC_FAULT_FATAL - Unexpected error occurred while monitoring VC task updates


      VC_FAULT_FATAL - The name 'a workstation name' already exists


      For the task updates one, I have verified that all the services are happily running on the vCenter.  I can't seem to find anything really interesting in the connection broker or vCenter logs.


      For the "already exists" scenario, I see where the VM does exist within vCenter (powered off) but the logs seem to indicate a new/different ID for it.  We do currently have the "Allow resuse of pre-existing computer account" enabled but am not sure if that's a contributing factor.  In this case, the best fix seems to be to delete the VM from vCenter and then let ViewDBChk clean everything up on the connection broker.

      Has anyone seen similar issues/behaviors?