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    App volume upgrade - nginx.conf and certificate

    vXav Hot Shot

      Today I upgraded from 2.13 to 2.16 (which was fine).


      However the doc states:


      All certificates that you had previously configured are retained and you do not need to reconfigure them.

      Though when I logged back into App Volumes I had a certificate error.

      Turns out the upgrade process had reset the nginx.conf file with these 2 default values:

      ssl_certificate          appvol_self_vmware.com.crt;

      ssl_certificate_key  appvol_self_vmware.com.key;

      Which doesn't make sense as the procedure to replace the self-signed certificate is to edit this file with the name of the new certificate.


      I guess they're right the certificates are retained, but you kind of need to reconfigure them..

      Anyway, I edited the file, restarted the App Volume service and it was ok. Just thought it was a bit silly.