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    Windows Failover clustering with 2 local disk and 5 rdm... Cluster validation fails

    willym520 Lurker

      Hi all,


      First real quick:  ESX 6.5 (7967591), FCoE, NetApp backend, Cisco UCSB (Flexpod configuation)... OS: Windows 2012 R2

      So, the cluster is being setup to support SQL (nit installed yet)... For my disk layout, C: (OS), D: (SQL Binaries) and Shared E: (Bkup), G: (Data), L: (Logs), T: (Temp), Q: (Qrm)

      Shared on one SCSI controller and "local" on another. Both Paravirtual, Physical, etc.

      ** I used VMWare's published Windows Clustering guide for CAB (cross across boxes)


      When running validation wizard, I get


      As per VMWare support:

      ++ As per the best practices of Cluster Virtual Machines Across Physical Hosts on VMware vSphere 6.5 , we can have only one Virtual Disk mapped (booting) rest all should be P-RDMs


      And I can map through D: as an RDM (which is what I am bein told to do), but it makes no sense to me... And yes, if I drop my D: drive, the problem goes away. And yes, I can install SQL to C:...but really??? I can only have one virtual disk!
      What if I wanted to leverage my SDD local datastore for TempDb... a common scenario. I couldn't?


      More details:
      D: was not part of the Available Storage disks or any cluster resource
      D: shows up as a Local Disk


      Tried changing SCSI to LSI SAS... still no....


      Note: NetApp on the backend;


      SO........... Anyone ever heard of a restriction on the Virtual Disk count. I can't find any documentation and vmware support just says it's common practice????