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    A PKS tale: NSX-T Protected Objects or Protected by superuser

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      Just to share with this group my blog post on NSX group.


      A PKS tale: NSX-T Protected Objects or Protected by superuser




      Hi just want to post something to track my PKS upgrade from 1.1.4 to 1.2, so let me give some context here:


      PKS on this time was installed in the 1.1.4 version with NSX-T 2.1, nothing weirdo so the deal was to move to 1.2 the PKS, and here is the challenge faced, there is  an issue in PKS regarding that version in where some elements are not able to be "deleted", so let me explain more in detail.

      PKS is a solution composed of mainly 3 elements: PKS tile, Operations Manager Tile and Bosh Director, extras you have NSX-T and Harbor if registry selection is that, so in short PKS does on-prem a GCP for K8s and consequently for CNA's, so by means of BOSH connects to vSphere and do the magic to create VMs (vSphere based in this case )when you request the creation of PODs at K8s level, so K8`s orchestrates Docker and PKS takes care of K8s and BOSH of the VM´s n a declarative way of construct infrastructure,so long story short when you install everything and integrated with NSX-T PKS creates a superuser in NSX manager to wire all the pods in K8's in automatic was every time you need a new namespace, so if you see any installation include the HOL´s PKS you will see something similar to the pic below.