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    SRM with SDRS

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      I have a question about the integration between SDRS and SRM.

      I have an infrastructure based on hpe bl460c gen10 and 3par.

      The 3par's are in periodic async replication with a 15-minute replication interval.

      So I'm using array-based replication.

      On the servers ESXI 6.5 u2 e and SRM 8.2 was installed (the virtual appliance was installed)

      My customer is currently using the SRDS in fully automated mode.

      Reading on the internet I saw that now the SDRS is supported with SRM.

      What is the best solution?

      Should I leave the SDRS in fully automated or should I put it in manual mode?

      From what I understood SDRS through tags can interact correctly with SRM.

      So through tags, even if SDRS is in full automated mode, the vm is not moved violates the tags.

      For example if it has a source datastore that is replicated and the target no the vm is not moved.

      So automatic SDRS does not move these vm but if I want I can force the move.

      Is my reasoning correct?



      Thank you




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          If you need to balance the storage capacity and, optionally, latency among multiple datastores in a cluster, you need to use SDRS, and SRM will comply with it. It does support it, and from your 3PAR side the periodic async replication will pick up at the next interval and move the changed blocks.