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    vRO/vRA 7.3.1 inaccurate list of catalog resources returned when using cafeHost.createCatalogClient().getCatalogConsumerResourceService()

    qc4vmware Master

      Attached is an action I have created to grab all the catalog resources for a given business group with an optional filter on resource type.  For some of my business groups I am getting some strange results.  It always seems to return the correct number of items based on what is in the gui but some of the items are not there.  For instance if I had a business group with System A, System B, and System C my result from the query will have 3 items but System A might be missing.  I've yet to figure out what is in place of the missing items.  Missing might not be the right term but why the data being returned isn't matching up.  I have some other workflows setup to query for catalog resources based on name and if I do so for the missing item I do get the correct item returned.  I'm hoping someone here with a fairly large inventory in a business group can give this a run and see what they get back.  It seems to only malfunction on my business groups that have at least several hundred if not more than a thousand.  Actually, it is malfunctioning on all of the business groups with more than 1000 vm's in my environment.  Possible its just not exhibiting the behavior in the smaller business groups because of the low volume of activity?  I'm going crazy trying to figure this one out.