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    vSAN Health Error

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      Hi community,


      i have installed a vSAN cluster of 4 hosts. but the "vsan datastore doesn't have capacity" is an error which i'm receiving which i'm guessing is because of this error as everything else is green.


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          Hello Matto,



          If the other nodes are clustered properly (and have Disk-Groups created then they should see vsandatastore to be of size (can easily be validated via SSH with df -h).

          Regarding the non-clustered node: check that this has a vSAN-enabled vmk on the same subnet as the other nodes have this, with correct MTU and that it can reach the other nodes (e.g. with 1500 MTU: # vmkping -I <vSAN vmk> -s 1472 -d <destination vSAN vmk IP>




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            NickMurphyGM Lurker

            Are all your hosts in maintenance mode ?  Datastore will be 0tb if they are.