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    Placing file server (Windows) on Horizon resources

    n9pTC Lurker


      Could you clarify for me one thing:

      Can I place windows file server for user profiles on the hosts licensed under VMware Horizon Avd with vSAN?  Is it legal to use host, covered by Horizon licenses for placing any services related to VDI but which does not includes in Horizon distribution?

      I'll be grateful for any document.

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          BenFB Expert

          Our VMware team has been consistent in stating the Horizon desktop license can be used for virtual desktops and all infrastructure that support the environment (e.g. PSC/VCSA, UAG, AD, file server, AppVolumes, UEM, etc...). It's a gray area if that file server is also supporting other servers or desktops.


          Always check with your VMware account team and internal legal to verify you are in compliance. Depending on your use case you might be able to just get a written exception from VMware.