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    VDI Desktop Blank screen with Blue Color

    loaded Lurker

      Hallo Community,


      I think I'm not able to properly troubleshoot this problem.

      This is unique to the few user. Curently only 2 or 3 users are facing this problem.


      I would really appreciate if some kind of guidance is provided by the expert here.


      Problem description

      User logs into VDI desktop. He see screen which is blue in color. I state this because it is not BSOD.

      Nothing happens for 30 minutes. After that session gets terminated as PCoIP is timeout.


      What I have tried so far

      1. Reset user profile
      2. Change the protokol from PCoIP to Blast
      3. Check the view logs.
      4. Check the machine logs
      5. Assign user to dedicated desktop


      As this is floating desktop, everytime user gets different desktop. I see following message


      The pending session on machine VDI-Desk-01 for user contoso\Mike has expired


      what things I should check? Please advise.