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    Unable to delete VDC due to org VDC network in use

    heaveaxy Lurker

      Hello there.


      I trying to remove VDC in vCloud Director, but can't do it. The problem with VDC network. When deleting it vCD answers "[ 42fa690c-2936-4525-9f32-5eae43f5b77e ] Entity LSW-VDC cannot be deleted, because it is in use.". All vApps in this VDC was removed, catalogs cleared.

      I know that removing part of vCD infrastructure in vCenter Server brokes vCD and it will need to be reinstalled.

      How to resolve isuue and/or safely remove unnecessary VDC ?

      Reading logs has not given additional info.
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          atusmenezes Novice
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          What is the version of your vCD?

          I believe the only way is manipulating vCD database, but this should be done with Tech Support assistance. I can try to send to you some queries to check what is "using" this network and you can try to delete it, but this is really dangerous and I really recommend you to ask Tech Support assistance.

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            bdmpastx Novice

            I deal with this one almost daily and I have opened several cases. VMWare engineering is aware of it. I do have a REST API in powershell that will delete it. I also have SQL delete query I use. But I default to the REST API call below typically.

            The items in Bold come from your specific information.


            $VCDConnection = connect-ciserver -server "vcdservername"

            $sessionkey = $VCDConnection.SessionId

            $orgs = get-org -name "Orgname"

            $vdcs = Get-OrgVdc -org $org

            $vdcorgNetworks = Get-OrgVdcNetwork -OrgVdc $vdcs

            $sessionkey = $VCDConnection.SessionId

                            foreach($vdc in $vdcs){

                                foreach($vdcorgNetwork in $vdcorgNetworks){

                                    write-host ("`tDeleting OrgVDC Network: "+$vdcorgNetwork.name)


                                    $headers = New-Object "System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary[[String],[String]]"

                                    $Headers.Add('x-vcloud-authorization', $sessionkey)



                                    $vdcnetURL = $vdcorgNetwork.href+'?force=true'

                                    $wr = (Invoke-WebRequest -uri $vdcnetURL -Method Delete -Headers $Headers).content

                                    [xml]$wrxml = $wr

                                        $wrtaskhref= $wrxml.Task.href

                                        Write-Verbose  "wrtaskhref: $wrtaskhref"


                                        while($ts -ne 'success')


                                        [xml]$taskstatus = (Invoke-WebRequest -uri $wrtaskhref -Method get -Headers $headers).content

                                        $ts = $taskstatus.Task.Status

                                        Write-Verbose "ts: $ts"

                                        start-sleep -Seconds 3}



                                    Write-Verbose -Message 'Pausing for 15 seconds so system can stabilize'

                                    start-sleep -seconds 15


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