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    Ideal file backup

    lkomarci Novice

      Hey everyone,


      What's the safest way of backing up/storing the files?


      Say you have 3 ESXs running the VM's - one of the VMs is a file server, one of them Veeam backing up the VMs to NAS storage.


      The files on the file server are extremely important so I need the safest way to have them stored/backed up. Considering the drives can be set to RAID on the NAS, isn't it easier to just move the files from the file server and have them normally stored and shared from the NAS considering the disk data redundancy?


      What I'm thinking is if the file server VM gets corrupt I'll be pulling the VM backup that's stored on the NAS anyway so it doesn't make much sense to spend a vCPU and RAM to create a file server when the NAS can do it. Then again, NAS is a single point of failure system, so if it goes down so do all the shared files I'm not sure what's the best approach to keep the data safe in worst case scenarios.




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          jburen Hot Shot

          You're talking about backup and RAID (whatever version) is NOT a backup solution. It only helps in case of a disk failure. So storing the files on your NAS isn't going to answer your question. I think that the solution you have in place at the moment is pretty good. The first copy of the files are on your (virtual) file server and the second copy is on your NAS. When you want to be even safer you can create a third copy on a remote location. But that is best compared to better.


          If you don't want to spend the extra VM you can store the files on the NAS but then you must create a backup of those files on another device.

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            lkomarci Novice

            Yea I think so too I might connect an additional external drive and have the files backed up there. I'll ptobably just tell veeam to back it up in two locations if possible or create two separate backup jobs. Thankw man