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    vRA and NSX integration

    Mark_Jordan Lurker

      So I am new to vRA and vRealize in general. I am working in a lab environment.  I have deployed the following.


      vCenter 6.5

      NSX 6.4.5

      vRops 7.5.0

      vRA 7.6.0

      vRLI 4.6.2


      I Have a single IAAS windows server.


      I have the default tenant, and a test tenant.  I have been working solely in the tst tenant.


      I am missing something, probably very simple.  I can deploy VM's thru vRA but on my blueprint when I goto the gear(Blueprint properties) and select the NSX Settings tab, nothing pulls up in the Transport zone drop down.


      I have the following Endpoints configured and all test connections are successful:

      vRealize Operations Manager

      vRealize Orchestrator




      This environment is air-gaped so I cant provide screen shots or configs.


      Any help would be much appreciated.