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      I had an extremely bizarre issue happen yesterday that most or some will not even believe.  What I am looking to find out is an easier way to locate what datastore a certain VM would have been on my system.  We have about 17 Volumes and searching them one by one is very tedious.  Looking for a command that might search the entire infrastructure for teh where-a-bouts of that vm.  Here is what happened...


      Doing maintenance on servers so i was migrating all VM's to other Hosts to clear it.  I finished the firt host then rebooted and all was good with that one.  Started to clear the second host by migrating servers over.  Grouped teh fist 4 server (what I normally do) and that went fine.  Grouped the next 4 to migrate and got an error on one of them and it happened to be my View Connection Server.  Looked at it and it got turned off for some reason.  Keep in mind that prior to the migration it was functioning just fine since i had 50 users connected to it.   When i tried to start the VM it said that it couldn't find the VMDK file.  When i went to edit settings it said the hard disk was 0 GB and had a location of another VMDK file that has been turned off for months.  I contacted support and the tech could not locate the folder name of the VM any where where i thought it should be.  I sent the logs to them but it may be a while until i hear something. 


      Also when i went back to the Template to try and recreate the server (that was used for all my View servers) i got teh error message that it couldn't find that VMDK file.  That folder is still there but it tells me that i do not have access...strange.


      What i am doing now is trying to locate the Folder by cloning a bunch of snapshots one by one.  This is taking a while but was hoping there would be a cmd line that might search the entire storage.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.