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    Instant clones, uem, and app volumes

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      Hi everyone, we are getting ready to deploy instant clones, UEM, and app volumes. We are a k12 environment. Each classroom has different application needs for their desktops. The students visit multiple classrooms a day. I recently realized that app volumes is configured by AD group membership. Is this also how UEM works? I plan on creating app stacks in app volumes for the apps that everyone needs, but not all students need the same applications and some need various ones depending on which class they are in. It's best designed by applying the specific applications and shortcuts to the desktop pool, rather than AD group memberships. Can UEM achieve this? I need to find a solution to allow each classroom (desktop pool) it's own specific applications and shortcuts.


      Any advice is appreciated!

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          UEM is User/group based all the way, where AppVolumes could be attached via Computer Object.  UEM could set condition off a lot of things, like IP address of the device, device name, etc, if you'd like.  So if there is a clear IP scheme going for each classroom then it could be pretty easy to create the icons needed for that room and just delete all the icons on appstack creation.  Additionally, you could look at app block the apps you don't want them having access to in a room.


          Now if you wanted to make say a Desktop pool for each classroom just set AppVolumes to attach via OU and call it a day.  So when the computer is created via instant clones the apps will just be layered in and waiting for a student to long in.  I do this with RDSH Farms.

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            Thanks for the suggestion! Our OU is stuctured in a way that ALL virtual machines are in the same OU. They are not separated out by classroom, etc.