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    Horizon view

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      URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Horizon-7/7.1/com.vmware.horizon-client-agent.security.doc/GUID-52807839-6BB0-4727-A9C7-EA73DE61ADAB.html

      Topic Name : TCP and UDP Ports Used by Clients and Agents

      Publication Name : Horizon Client and Agent Security

      Product/Version : VMware Horizon 7/7.1

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      This document is so confusing.  Do we have to open port 3389 to allow connection to horizon view that is in a cloud. OUr users cannot connect to the cloud horizon view because it is being blocked by something.

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          At a minimum the Horizon Agent needs to be able to communicate with the connection servers on TCP 4001/4002 (Depending on your configuration only one of these is needed).


          Then it depends on if you are using tunneling/security servers/UAG, the display protocol and the communication you want to allow.


          Can you provide us with more details of your deployment?