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    You do not have permission to enter a license key. Try again using the system administrator account.

    TF21045 Lurker

      I am in administrator's account and WHY THE FRICC STILL SHOWING THIS WINDOW UP?!?!

      OS: Windows 10 May 2019 update

      VMware Workstation: 15 Pro

      Account(s): 1

      Administrator: Yes

      Why is this still happening?

      My method is to copy to my Acer Device that has VMware installed and put it to Lenovo computer.

      The 15 Pro can't friccin proceed to finish thing

      The only version that finishes the following: VMware Workstation 15 Player (setted it to non-commercial use)

      I did the same thing as the 15 Pro setting it to "Try VMware Workstation for 30 days."

      And it's still happening... Pictures Below: