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    P2V issue: A file I/O error occurred while accessing ".

    IlVentu Lurker

      I have to virtualized an old Windows 2003 machine (old HP rusty server) but I'm facing a lot of problems.

      As target I have selected our vCenter (6.5) and as host an ESXi 6.5.

      When the P2V job is submitted, it fails after a while with the error:


      A file I/O error occurred while accessing ".


      Looking the vCenter, during the job submission I can see a task of the creation of the virtualized machine in the correct cluster and after a while I see another task of deletion of the same machine.

      At this point the P2V job fails with the error.

      I start the troubleshooting and I see that if I select a different host (same vCenter, same ESXi 6.5 version, same hardware) I have no error and the job start correctly. I have to stop the job in this case because the host is on a different LAN and the traffic will be redirected to our WAN.

      I did another test, I removed the initial designated host (the one where I got the issue) from the vCenter, pointing it directly when I create the P2V job and this time the error message is less cryptic:


      A General system error occurred: SSL Exception: Operation was canceled


      At this point I checked if this host has different configuration compairing it with the one where the job NOT fails and the two environment are the same (except the network config because they are located in different countries).

      Regarding the converter I tested: 6.0, 6.1 and 6.2 but the 6.2 refuses to install because the services installed did not come up :


      Error 1920. Service VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Server (vmware-converter-server) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system service.


      I'm using local admin account so I should have all privileges I need.

      In the past I did almost 30 similar P2V conversions with no issues, with similar environment.


      What do you think ?