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    Multiple VLANs in virtual ESXi (VM)

    Serg01 Novice



      I created lab with virtual ESXi installed on VM.

      Now i want add second vmk adapter with another network.

      What i need to do with VM or physical host for that?


      Physical ESXi have multiple portgroups with vlan 1,2,3 with different networks and gateways.

      I created new portgroup with VLAN 4095 and assign it to VM with ESX.


      Settings vESX, vmk0:


      vlan 1

      mgmt ip



      Add new vmk1:


      vlan 2




      But i cant ping vmk1 from outside.


      If i add vmk1 on physical ESXi host - everything works fine. Problem when submitting VLANs to a virtual machine.