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    ESXi 6.7: can't login to WebUI

    BasilLogachev Novice

      Brand new ESXi 6.7.0.update02-13006603 installation, no issues at installation time. Set password, configure management network (i use private address for ESXi host by security reason), test management network is Ok, all looks fine. Use IP address for access to WebUI https://ip.add.re.ss/ui/, get logo and User name/Password fields, use root as username and appropriate password (have no other users) and get error "Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password." I can login to DCUI, and "Confiure Lockdown Mode" is grayed (see attach). If enable ESXi shell, i can login as root, but i can't login by ssh.
      How to get access to WebUI?