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    DELL/EMC Support ..... the joke saga continues !!!!

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      DELL/EMC Support ..... the joke saga continues !!!!

      And I thought support for Laptops and Desktops was a joke @ Dell


      3 months of planning to upgrade our VXRAIL.

      Pre-check done 1 month ago

      Today planned to start upgrade @ 5AM in the morning.


      Get out of bed @ 3.30AM

      Arrived @ 4.30AM at the office

      Received mail from support to start a webex and start upgrade.

      OOPS !!!! something went wrong …. Inconsistent disks ….. how did pre-check missed this ?

      Support guy tries contacting VXRAIL support

      3.30 HOURS LATER (and counting) !!!! NOTHING happened, the unfortunate support guy can’t reach VXRAIL SUPPORT and they aren’t answering his call.


      What If we had an outage on our vxrails ??? If a inside support guy isn’t answered by his own support …. When will I get an answer ?

      What a JOKE …. Are we really paying for this ?

      Please do not call me today to say ‘sorry’, I’m not in the mood!


      Also …. Thank you for your patience to Kyle Mao : this guy needs a raise !! 5 stars for you my friend

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          I am not sure Dell/EMC representatives are reading the threads on this forum to be honest. I would recommend escalating this within Dell/EMC. I will point one of my VxRail contacts to this threads to see if they can help getting you the support you deserve as a customer.

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            Thank you for your help depping


            15 minutes ago I finally received support.

            unfortunately there is a problem with 3 VM's and I need to put them offline and clone them, and then delete the original one and start the clone.


            This is a Exchange server, File and Print server and a webserver;

            Again ... this is not possible in business hours, and I also would like to do something else in my free-time.


            I'm really pissed today and thinking about leaving the VXRAIL like it is for the next 3 years (it actually runs fine as it is) without upgrading or whatever and make a switch to NUTANIX.


            Sorry guys .... but I never got the requested support from DELL/EMC when I needed it.

            First Dell desktop/laptop support and now even for EMC products.




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              I understand your problem. I have reached out to two folks I know within Dell/EMC to at least make them aware at a higher level what is happening. My apologies for the situation.

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                We have had similar experiences with VxRail support. Among other things also with upgrades. In the meantime, we have built up enough know-how to be able to carry out upgrades ourselves and to solve most of the problems that arise. In most cases a look into the logs is enough to identify the error or in the worst case a RASR reset is performed.


                I just received an email last week telling me that they want to plan another upgrade with us due to the vSAN guest-data inconsistency bug last year... However, we already installed the update in October/November last year and did the vSAN Pre-Checks documented in SolVe ourselves. I find it a bad joke that in case of a critical bug (worst case is data loss!) it takes them more than 6 months to inform us about the upgrade. And that they don't seem to see that we are already on a VxRail software version that contains the bugfix.


                I have to say that we also have had positive experiences with the support in the past. But as a tip: Use the chat at a time when the USA is working. The VxRail team there is still the most competent and can at least sometimes help promptly. If you call or chat to a time where the support is redirected to India or Asia, you are usually really lost.


                We've already talked about all these experiences with our Key Account Manager at Dell/EMC and he has confirmed that there are many complaints about support. He says that they have also recognized the problem on the management level and are working on improving the support. But this takes a lot of time and effort.


                Disclaimer: I don't have many insights in the Dell/EMC or VxRail organization structures, but that are our own experiences.