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    full screen stretch guest (scaling) half-success in WS Player

    Compline Lurker

      VMware Workstation 15 Player

      Windows 10 host 1920X1080, Windows 98 SE Korean guest 1024X768


      I added this line in preferences.ini

      pref.autoFitFullScreen = "fitHostToGuest"


      then at full screen mode I got upscaling. But like this

      stretched guest.png

      What could I try to correct this?


      Is this VMware's intention? Or is it possible by tweaking preferences.ini, vmx file or config.ini?


      Any helps appreciated.


      added. Korean 103/106 keyboard not supported. can't change English to Korean (or vice versa). 14 Player with VMware tools an year ago didn't show this problem.


      added. guest 640X480 full screen mode display



      svga.maxWidth = "1024"     svga.maxHeight = "768"     svga.vramSize = "3145728"

      changing these options in windows 98.vmx has no effect, have nothing with my problem.

      pref.autoFit, pref.autoFitGuestToWindow lines in preferences.ini are not full screen option.


      I guess full screen display field is forced to always follow guest resolution, so if I can fix that vmplayer full screen display field resolution to 1920X1080 (host resolution), this will be solved. but I don't know how.

      This is all about vmplayer full screen mode configuration, not guest, I guess.


      If this parameter is hidden hard (because of Pro version), I will quit and give up answer. So I want to know VMware's stance.

      Or I hope someday they sell less expensive Workstation version with scaling function. Pro's too expensive to buy, just for 90s gaming nostalgia.

      I know line pref.vmplayer.fullscreen.nobar = "TRUE"  , so this scaling problem is only left to use Player comfortably.


      added. this message was in Workstation Pro group board 3 days. I didn't know this Player group board. It's my mistake.

      I hope any response related. For 3 days there was none.



      This is maybe the last addition.
      It's passed more than a week after this message was written. There's no response yet.
      I know full screen scaling function is revived within 15 pro. Am I correct? At least I remember fitHostToGuest line didn't work with 14 VMplayer an year ago.

      So When I found this line working, though incompletely, I was very happy. I've tried Windows 98 in Vitrualbox, 95 in Dosbox, but these were not intact, have some flaws.
      VMplayer gives the best Windows 9X virtualization for occasional old gamer, except that full screen scaling.
      I hope VMplayer given that function intact (even without gui panel), or as I said above, some paid lite WS version will do.
      I saw many people asking about thru a decade.