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    How can I packet capture at the load balancer VIP?

    vmmed1 Novice

      In troubleshooting a problem end to end I wanted to use the new pcap feature in 6.4.4.

      I was able to pcap the vnic of one of the pool members and that was informative. But

      for the VIP (IP of the vServer) I came to a dead end. I determined which ESXi host was

      hosting the NSX Edge for this particular load balancer. In pcap I entered the name of

      that ESXi, Then selected vNIC adapter type. Then searched for the VM of the NSX

      Edge. However this VM when selected did not present me with an interface to

      select. :-( So at this moment it's looking like there's no way to capture traffic

      at the VIP. Am I missing something? Should I be able to pcap VIP traffic?