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    FC Storage Luns not seen on Vsphere host

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      We are trying to setup a Eonstor ESDS S16F-R1840 in one of our training Labs.


      Eonstor is connected to a Brocade FC Switch with both ports ok.

      Vsphere 6.7 Host is connected to same switch.

      Both are in same Zone Configuration

      Vsphere host and HBA is fully ESX 6.7 supported.

      on Eonstor:

      There are 4 Logical Drives and 4 Luns configured

      Host WWN of ESX Host is configured


      On ESX host: Rescan of HBA and Datastore is done.


      But no Storage is seen.


      esxcli storage core path list  shows only local Luns


      Tried to present old HPE EVA8000 Vdisks to ESX Host on same FC Fabric.


      Presented - rescan - see new storage - new datastore - finished ok


      Presenting EONStor to Windows 2016 Server with HyperV works instantly.


      Tried the same with Vsphere 6.5, 6.0, 5.5 with no success.


      HAs somebody any further ideas ?