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    Windows 10 Update 1903 Device Guard Issue

    MohamedBaher Lurker



      After upgrading Windows 10 to 1903 virtual machines are unable to boot with error VMware Workstation and Device/Credential Guard are not compatible. VMware workstation can be run after disabling Device/Credentials Guard.



      - Hyper-V Feature disabled

      - Windows Sandbox disabled

      - Device Guard "Turn on Virtualization based security disabled"


      But the issue still occurs.Screenshot_2.png

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          TF21045 Lurker

          Run the Command Prompt as Administrator

          If you don't know how to run Command Prompt as an Administrator, Picture below:

          cmd in admin.png                                  


          If you done that, Run Command Prompt as Administrator and type this command:

          mountvol X: /s

          copy %WINDIR%\System32\SecConfig.efi X:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\SecConfig.efi /Y

          bcdedit /create {0cb3b571-2f2e-4343-a879-d86a476d7215} /d "DebugTool" /application osloader

          bcdedit /set {0cb3b571-2f2e-4343-a879-d86a476d7215} path "\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\SecConfig.efi"

          bcdedit /set {bootmgr} bootsequence {0cb3b571-2f2e-4343-a879-d86a476d7215}


          Then Restart for the changes to apply.

          If it still doesn't work, Feel free to Reply me.

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            kmtnck Lurker


            I have got same problem, I just update september update of windows 10 and my vm is not runnable for this error about credentials not compatible with device guard.


            I disable all as indicated on instruction and disable any slang of credential guard and similar, but nothing.


            I find your reply googling with attonish expression and I try to apply your suggest patch, but I must realize that do not work


            I restart the system but the feel is equals, appear this error on any wmware, linux, windows , bsd linux.


            I have workstation 15 on trial. Now I think to unistall all and reinstall wmplayer 15 and try with a simple player wmware after update windows.