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    AppVolume unable to mount provisioning volume

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      I've built out an app volume server and a windows plain vanilla VM for installing applications. i can seem to mount a provisioning volume.

      I create the app in AppStack, click on provision, which then asked for the VM i want to use to provision the app. i select the VM to which i have the AppVol agent installed and that where i get the error.


      I've deployed Horizon view 7.8 the pools are working, master image is working. i'm just stuck with provisioning the applications.

      Has anyone seen this error before?

      we are using vSAN, all flash for storage. i've checked the path when creating the app. the path exists, the 20gb template vmdk is on the vSAN...the agent on the Vanilla machine is working otherwise the AppVolume wouldnt see it. The Vanilla VM is part of the domain but not part of specific OU as of yet. just in computers for now.

      The AppVolume server can ping the vanilla VM. they are in different vCenters.


      AppVolume error.JPG


      Let me know your thoughts