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    How to change Property Name label in Properties List Widget of VRops dashboard ?

    Mith11 Lurker

      How can we change the Property Name label in Properties List widget with Vrops 7.0 dashboard.

      We have group the properties in the Details resource group , so in the  dashboard property name will display as a group_name | property_name.

      We need only Property name to show on dashboard.




      Property Structure form All metric :



      Image 1.




      Dashboard property widget image ,here want to dispay property name only .

      E.g. Instead of Details|All Users Allowed , need to display All Users Allowed


      ( We have tried Resource Interaction XML file but no luck )



      Is this possible? If possible how can we resolve this?

      How can we change ordering of the grid columns of above Property List widget?

      (Can It possible  the Object Name will be placed as  column in the widget )