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    Stuck Key Repeat problem has returned

    UserOfVirtualMachines Novice

      Previously there was a BUG affecting VMware guest machines where occasionally a typed key would get "stuck" on autorepeat. So you type "a" and you get "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" and it keeps going until you type another key to stop it.


      VMware fixed that issue in VMware Fusion 11 and for that reason I bought the upgrade.


      Following recent security updates to Mac OS X and VMware Fusion,

      this bug has resurfaced.


      This is creating a big problem. Please fix it. Again.


      Version information:

      VMware Fusion Version 11.1.0 (13668589)

      Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13.6.


      By the way I've looked all over the VMware website. Where do you submit bug reports?