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    Migrating Profiles with Persona

    alexhselene Lurker

      Hi all,


      Currently moving our VDI environment from Win7 to Win10 1809. We are still using Persona as our user profile service. In order to make the change, we must migrate user profiles from Persona V2 to V6. This is done using the Persona Profile Migration Tool.


      While the tool itself only seems to work in one context(all or nothing, config files and reg flags cause it to fail)--we need to know how to run it for multiple profiles. Otherwise we are stuck doing each user individually, for a set of over 500 users.


      In the documentation, it states: "To migrate multiple users' local profiles, you can write a script that directs the utility to execute in batch mode." This is the first and only time this is ever mentioned, and there is no documentation clueing us in to how to execute the migprofile utility in batch mode. We have tried writing Powershell scripts to do something like this, but we see failures occur when it runs.


      Does anyone know how to migrate multiple profiles at once using the utility?