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    UEM settings retained on Writable Vols

    plainjosh Lurker

      Hi guys,

      This is my first time posting on here (please be easy on me ). I saw similar threads that are close to my issue, but not quite:

      I've just started testing and so I've created a Win10 non-persistent floating pool where the linked clones refresh upon log off. I am using App Stacks for just a few apps and Writable Volumes for profile data. I am also using UEM. I understand Writable Vols is not an ideal solution for profile data, but I'm just testing it.

      My test is very simple - apply a mapped drive and add a printer based on OU condition in UEM.

      I can implement the very simple User Environment settings with UEM: map a drive, add a printer (both undo at log off.... and run asynchronously). What I then do is sign off the test machine, disable or remove the settings, then log back into the test machine. The settings (mapped drive & printer) are still showing on the machine and this is the issue. I can add newer settings, but get the same issue. I've checked the configshare and when I remove the settings, for example, they are deleted from the configshare, but yet persist on the machine after logging in (even after a log off and back in which refreshes the session).


      I have no log on/off scripts and since the machines always refresh, my suspicion is that these settings are remaining on the Writable volume somewhere. So just to confirm my suspicion, I disable Writable and voila, the settings reflect UEM. I'm asking if anyone has seen this issue and can shed some light on the matter or point me in the right direction. Believe me, we're not crazy about Writable Vols, but I would like to further test it and this is a hindrance so far. It's probably a bonehead mistake on my part, but I can't figure it out.  Thanks

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          Hi plainjosh,


          Welcome to the UEM forum. We're a pretty friendly bunch, so don't worry


          If you can provide the UEM log files, that will make it easier to troubleshoot. Please set the log level to DEBUG, log on, log off, disable or remove the settings, and log on again, and post your FlexEngine.log and FlexEngine-async.log here.


          I have no log on/off scripts [...]

          If you don't have a logoff script configured, I hope you're using UEM in NoAD mode... Otherwise, that will most probably be the explanation for the symptoms you're seeing: if you run UEM as a Group Policy client-side extension, you do need to configure a logoff script to run UEM. Anyway, your log files will also provide insight into that.

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            Thing is that everything UEM captures is also added into the writable volume.

            If you want to control those settings only in UEM and outside of the writable there is a fairly easy solution to that. Just make sure to enable the Profile Cleanup option in the personalization setting of the application.

            This removes the information from the writable during logoff or stopping the application (if directflex is enabled)

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              plainjosh Lurker

              After blowing away the profiles (deleting the writables) and assigning new ones, I noticed that if Windows Settings were not tweaked in UEM, the settings would reflect whatever UEM had properly. And by Windows Settings I mean Display Language, Hide Drives, and Policy Settings (deprecated). So far, my solution is to not mess with these.

              However, Profile Cleanup is enabled by default already. So I believe it's doing its job, but gets stuck if Windows Settings are involved. Let me collect and post logs on here. Will get back to you guys. Thanks, I really appreciate the feedback.

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                mchadwick19 Hot Shot

                Sorry for my ignorance, but how do you properly enable profile cleanup? I always thought it was similar to a UEM config where you have to tell UEM what to cleanup from the local profile. Is that exactly what it is instead of Include/Exclude it is the Delete<Item>


                EDIT: Derp as I was writing this comment noticed the neat little "Copy" button when you are under the tab. TIL