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    Horizon Client will not connect to Server - Connection Timeout or SSL Error ?

    greenwar Lurker

      Whew Guys and Gals,


          My company went to the Horizon Solution recently. First, I like It. I have two PC's a Windows 10 Netbook, and a Dell Inspiron Laptop that connect successfully. The two PC's in my house that I wish to use most often exhibit the same problems. Neither will successfully connect when I try to Add a View Server Address. That address by the way, I can go to by browser and connect, but I need full functionality. I have read what I feel like is every post on the internet and just cannot get the client to connect. It is always "the connection timed out" or "An SSL Error Occurred". I have reviewed all system configurations and they appear identical to me from the registry down to the actual config xml files. I have enabled "0" (I THINK) logging and while the log is much larger, I see no obvious help as far as error messages go. My company, says I have permission to install the client on any machine in my house, but they are unable to provide Tech Support if the client fails. I have tried multiple versions which work always on the two working machines, but never on the two failing ones. I have McAfee Enterprise 8.8 on one non Working machine and Symantec AV on the other. Firewall settings appear the same as the working machines. The two working machines? On the Windows 10 Netbook - I have Windows Defender and on the Working Dell Laptop, I have Symantec (same version and config as the non working machine). I am at my wits end here and I am usually good at troubleshooting and problem solving... All machines are on the same VERY small home network, same subnets and a single router... I am attaching one of the latest logs I have, but do note that I changed the Server IP and the FQDN. Note that I have removed the client software now, but can easily install to troubleshoot. Both non-working Servers are Windows 7 Pro x64.


      Any assistance is most appreciated !